Why are we nearly hairless?

Posted On: Jan 8th, 2019 at 16:30

The World
This is one of the questions I’ve been asking for many a decade.
Since I do not believe the out-of-Africa theory of human evolution, one of those questions is why we have lost hair, not gained it. Think about it – if we left Africa and moved north into colder climates, one would expect us to gain more fur, not lose it. 
It is the opposite of what we would expect, and certainly this does not fall in line with Darwinian evolution. What evolutionary mechanism could possibly work to help us to freeze to death instead of keeping warm?
And the outcome of this is that we have had to hunt mega fauna and other animals, not only to eat but to provide skins for us to wear, ensuring the extinction of some species, although hunting isn’t necessarily the primary cause of those extinctions.
And there are other questions too – why do females have less hair than males, generally? Why do males grow a beard and not females? And if humans have lost fur because they originated in Africa, because of the heat, then what about all the other primates?
Anyway, over to the “experts”…
But don’t expect any answers. It seems they are clutching at straws… or fur in this case.