Breakthrough! Humans in the Americas 33,000 years ago

Posted On: Jul 22nd, 2020 at 17:07

Finally, some evidence that proves the absolute obvious. I, and many others, especially those that are more in the public eye, have been ridiculed and abused for the suggestion that the Americas were populated many many thousands of years earlier than the pathetic models created by outdated science, and theories that should themselves be ridiculed.

Archaeologists and anthropologists will now be scratching their heads, but those like myself will simply make a coffee and feel a weight falling off the shoulders.So, now I’ll continue my rhetoric until we get there – this is just the beginning. This date will go back much farther as more evidence will come to light in the future. I’ve been “working on” the peopling of the Americas for a very long time and it was more than obvious the 15,000-year date was nothing more than a joke.

Many researchers have had their careers ruined for producing evidence that showed humans in the Americas a very, very long time ago. This new evidence is a little justification, but not enough. It’s simple – humans have been in the Americas for tens of thousands of years, and now, along with the Out-of-Africa theory, the Into-the-Americas model can now be thrown out of the window once and for all.