The Evolution

The Evolution is a spiritual adventure story.  Written as fiction, it is heavily based in fact, drawing on the fields of archaeology, the paranormal, and alternative worldviews.  It is based on twenty years of research, enhanced by lengthy travelling expeditions in the Americas.

The story starts with a mysterious meeting with a very unusual but influential man.  This strange character sends our intrepid explorer to Tibet, where he meets two endearing characters; a Tibetan monk, and a mysterious woman who says little but who seems to be able to alter his perception. Slowly but surely, as they climb higher into the mountains of Tibet, our explorer realises that things are not as they seem…

After making a shocking discovery of something which could alter the way we think about the world our explorer thinks he’s heading home, but instead he is sent to the other side of the world, to Mexico, to join a small group of archaeologists who have discovered a Maya pyramid in the jungle just north of the Guatemalan border.  The problem is the pyramid is far older than it should be.  In fact, it’s thousands of years older than the Maya!  To make things even more complicated, a copy of the Maya calendar is located at the base of the pyramid – but it is unlike any copy previously found.  As the group struggle to come to grips with their find, a series of terrifying paranormal events are unleashed and they have only two choices; to battle their fears or to leave, which would also mean leaving behind the most important archaeological find in history.  Will they get out of the horrifying jungle alive?

What does it all mean?  What secrets have they uncovered and what might they mean for the human race and the future of the planet?

The Evolution is about how we perceive the world around us.  It highlights the strange and unusual things that happen to us on a daily basis, as well as rare events that are even more inexplicable.  It points out that our perception is often subjective and, most importantly, the world which is presented to us by science is not so easily definable – we live in a world that is not as straightforward as science, the dominating ‘religion’ of our times, makes it out to be.  There is an important problem with how we observe the world and that problem is human consciousness.  Understanding the nature of human consciousness is imperative because human consciousness, not science, is the key to understanding the universe.

The Evolution clearly highlights the place in which we now find ourselves – if our species is to continue on its current path then arguably the outcome is one of ultimate self-destruction and suffering on a grand scale.  Therefore, this book is an allegory of our place in the cosmos – where we have come from, where we are right now and where we are heading into the future.  Above all, it is ultimately about our approaching and inevitable evolution.

Picture – Maya Calendar with the Earth and the Sun
Picture credit: Natalia Lukiyanova (Russian Federation) courtesy of 123rf