I have spent the majority of my adult life, in a part-time and non-professional manner, studying and being actively involved in archaeology and the paranormal. My other relevant interests include astronomy, cosmology, quantum physics, ufology, anthropology, and history.

I have studied the majority of ancient cultures around the world, from The Greeks to North American Indians, from Ancient Egypt to the Aborigines, and my favourite and most specialised cultures are those of Central and South America, and in particular the cultures of The Maya, Aztec, Inca, and Nazca. More recently (2015) I have undertaken an archaeology course (Archaeology in Practise) with Oxford University, including a week-long dig of a Roman town in England. Later in the same year I completed a history course (The Fall of Rome) and will soon be taking further courses with Oxford that will provide more learning in the fields of ancient Greece, Asia Minor, and the Roman Empire.

In 2004-2005 I spent the best part of a year in the Americas actively working on archaeological excavations in Nazca, Peru, and travelling vast areas to visit as many sites as possible. I visited the pyramids and temples from the cultures of the Inca, Nazca, Wari, Chimu, Moche and Sican, to name a few, and spent quite a time at these locations learning about the different cultures and seeing how they lived. It was a great adventure and a huge influence in the creation of my first book, bringing many of my experiences to life.

Having studied psychology at UWE, Bristol, I have always tried to view the middle ground between science and unexplained phenomena. As there is no marriage between these subjects I have always tried to maintain a balanced approach to science and the inexplicable things that often occur. Growing up with an increasing number of events around me that can only be described as ‘paranormal’ I was left questioning what was happening and also left wondering – what is this world that we call ‘reality’? It became apparent as childhood slowly turned into adulthood that not only were these experiences unusual and real, but science and the accepted order did not cater or allow for these events. In other words they were deemed to be the result of ‘hallucination’ or ‘imagination’. Like most people I was frustrated that these explanations were totally inadequate and yet today science still maintains that these events are neither real nor even possible. However, they do happen frequently and it is comforting to know that most people have experienced some kind of strange event at least once in their life. Just about everyone I have spoken with is convinced these strange experiences are real and external to the mind and body. In essence we live in a mysterious world where certain events occur that go against the fundamental elements of the accepted basis of nature – the wider world does not function in the way it is presented to us by science. From these two elements I have two main interests, or questions, that I have spent my life asking – Where do we come from? What are those strange experiences that the scientific method cannot explain?

I consider myself fortunate that experiences in life have given me a world-view which is balanced but allows for the existence of unusual phenomena. While we maintain a solid view of the world based on scientific principles, we cannot ignore the bizarre things that often happen to us and we are all aware that science, as a discipline, fails to recognise or give adequate explanations for these events. It is from this perspective that The Evolution evolved. On the surface it is an adventure story mixed with archaeology, but readers may also discover a deeper level to it and see that in this life things are rarely as simple as they seem…

Currently (2015), on top of the further study with Oxford University, I am working on producing travelogues. A new part of the website has been created, with a full explanation for their purpose, and that will be an ongoing project for some time. For that reason many of the pages have not been created yet. I am also writing the follow-up to The Evolution, which is set in India and entitled, The Guru (see the ‘books’ section of the website).


Picture – Tibetan plateau, Riwoche area, Tibet
Picture credit: Zou Jun (China) courtesy of 123rf