Advanced geometry discovered at Gobekli Tepe

Posted On: Apr 28th, 2020 at 12:07


This surprises me little. In fact, it just becomes more annoying that scholars continue to imply that our ancestors were stupid hunters, lacking in any advanced abilities, running around forests chasing deer and hogs.
The surprise, therefore, is not the discovery, but the continuous rhetoric of ancient peoples being no less than as thick as the pigs they were supposedly chasing.

It’s not difficult to grasp this very simple concept.
Our ancestors were probably more intelligent that us.
Firstly, they did not go to any great lengths to destroy their environment like we do, mainly in pursuit of financial gain to the detriment of resources and, in the process, emitting pollution on a grand scale.
Secondly, they were more advanced than us from a spiritual perspective, and employed these methodologies to their life, building construction, medical cures, and much more.
What I mean by that is they were using technology that we don’t. Sound vibration is one example. We have definitely devolved, not evolved, and our scientists still try to study the past from the perspective of the scientific method, whereby they only uncover mathematical facts, based on what we see here, or through artefacts which only show a small element of ancient life.
Because scientists assume our ancestors were less intelligent than us, and more superstitious, they miss the blatantly obvious facts that our ancestors were operating in a way that was completely different to ours, and by studying them from our perspective, we miss theirs.

I hope, one day, we will start to really learn something about ourselves, but until scientists start changing the paradigm, we are stuck with the limited methodologies that only show a small part of the picture.

Discoveries like this, however, are starting to open the doors to a better understanding of how advanced these people really were. We truly have to rethink the entire history of human civilisation, and reevaluate every site that has ever been discovered. And, ironically, the further back in time we go, the more advanced people appear to be.