Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?

Posted On: Oct 14th, 2018 at 19:23

United States
The title is a bit of a misnomer in the context of what I wish to discuss.
I think the question is more like, “Was there even a Noah in the first place?”
All of you will be aware of the long, drawn out argument of creationists versus evolutionists. You’re either on one side or the other. Either the earth was formed billions of years ago or it was formed around 6,000 years ago (in the Bible).
Both the Maya and the ancient Indians (Asia, not north America) refer to huge time scales in their calendar and epic stories respectively, so they clearly knew something.
So which side are you on?
I’m on both.
“What?” I hear you say, “How can you be on both sides?”
It’s clear the earth was formed a long time ago and that evolution occurs. You can see it in your own offspring in the genetic variation you have created. I think to deny such evidence is ridiculous.
So, you believe that there was a Big Bang and then the universe aged a few billion years and then stars were created and planets and eventually life. But where did that life come from? Was it made out of a cosmic soup, like the elusive elixir of life?
I don’t think so.
If you want to push yourself towards insanity, try this:
The Big Bang created the universe, apparently from a single point of nothingness.
But what created that point of nothingness?
There could not have been “nothing” because that’s not possible. Einstein stated clearly that E = mcand in that equation is the unbreakable rule that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed into something else. So in your Big Bang you have to conclude that there was something which created the Big Bang. So you have to ask – what was it? And then when you have grasped the concept that something must have created the Big Bang then you have to ask – what created the something that created the Big Bang? And so it goes on.
What we are left with is a creator force, something that is responsible for the creation of the universe, and that is why I am firmly in both camps – evolution is a part of life, but something surely created it. Even Darwin himself was of this opinion.
One camp argues red and the other camp argues blue, but the colour is actually green. So while they continue to bang their heads against each other with huge ridicule from both camps, perhaps it’s about time they realised they are both right and they are both wrong.
But the fundamental issue from the perspective of archaeology is this – our ancestors wrote amazing stories about this issue and they have been debunked and ridiculed as primitive people who had to write down silly stories to remember stuff. However, the facts clearly show they were far more advanced than we are, both in their natural thinking and their ability to conceptualise how the universe actually works.
While we advance rapidly with technology, we regress in common sense and the ability to grasp the obvious basics of the universe, which our ancestors tried to pass onto us in the most simplistic way possible – Noah, for example. Think about what that story is actually telling us.
Have you ever put something in front of a cat and the cat can’t see it because it’s blind when something is right under its nose?
That’s us.