Newly Discovered Maya City Contained Millions of inhabitants

Posted On: Jul 8th, 2019 at 09:27


A massive city has been discovered by LiDar in Guatamala that shows the city was so huge it once had a population of millions. In a flash, that’s adding millions to the previously thought population figures.
Of course I am not surprised by this discovery!
The story of the Maya and its collapse has about as much credibility as the UK government carrying out its pledge to go through with Brexit.
Of course, they still continue to tell us the Maya were wiped out due to drought, a theory I find as believable as, er, the UK government allowing Brexit to go through.
That theory is a good one for the current lies we are being told – that of climate change. Since we’ve “discovered” climate change, archaeologists now use that term to explain why hundreds of civilisations disappeared, although prior to that no one knew. It’s a nice excuse when you don’t have the answers.
My response is this – the climate has been changing since the earth was formed, and will continue to do so until it ends. Previous civilsations were far more adept at adjusting to climate change than we are. The mystery of the Maya collapse has just become a whole lot more mysterious now several million inhabitants have been added to the population.
I don’t believe the Maya collapse theory and I never will. It’s just a conveniently packaged story that we can all relate to because it’s in the news a lot. Fake news, that is. Fake climate change that people with no brains just believe without thinking.