Last year’s devastating monsoon floods reveal ancient site in Kerala

Posted On: Apr 28th, 2019 at 07:26


As we prepare for this year’s monsoon rains, last year saw dreadful floods in Kerala that took the lives of hundreds of people. I have a friend in Kerala and I was privy to videos that were not shown on any western media outlets. People were being swept away to their deaths and no one could do a thing to help them. It was heartbreaking to watch these videos, and in the end I could not continue to watch them. The death toll rose and around 500 people died. Swimming is not exactly a favoured pastime in India, but even the best of swimmers could not escape the fast torrents that were occurring last year. Let’s hope this year’s monsoon rains are less devastating.

After that morbid start, some good news did come from the floods. Near Aranmula, in Kerala, the floods revealed hundreds of terracotta figurines. Archaeologists swiftly moved in and started clearing the site. The figurines are only a couple of hundred years old, but further investigations were carried out and soon graves that were 2,500 years old were discovered…