**Breaking News** UK migration from Turkey around 6,000 years ago

Posted On: Apr 16th, 2019 at 04:35

United Kingdom / Great Britain / England

First of all let’s not allow ourselves to be fooled by the ridiculous headline – that this migration consisted of those who built Stonehenge. It’s becoming tiring. There is no evidence these people built Stonehenge, and we will never know who did. For all we know, a group of yaks could have travelled from Tibet, built Stonehenge and then walked back again.
What we do have is a very interesting piece of the jigsaw when it comes to migration into the British Isles.
This is what we now know from the article.
1) There were already people living in Britain and human evidence goes back tens of thousands of years.
2) The migration in this article brings in a new population from Turkey around 6,000 years ago.
3) This population was replaced by the Beaker People around 4,450 years.

So what’s the problem with the Stonehenge theory?
Simple – Avebury was built around 5,000 yeas ago. The builders of Stonehenge used the same quarry in the Marlborough Downs for the larger stones, and the two sites were almost definitely used simultaneously, and were a part of the same landscape. In other words, the two were not mutually exclusive and people used both sites at the same time.
Therefore it’s very unlikely this new population were the builders of Stonehenge because the economic stability that was required for the building of Avebury was already established around the same time this migration took place.
That’s not to say they didn’t play their part, but it is almost certain that earlier stones or henges were already in place on both sites.
Another problem is the dating of the Stonehenge we see today. The date attributed to this has been 2500 BC, almost the same time as the Beaker migration, so it’s plausible it was the Beaker People who were involved and not the Turkish peoples. Since the dates can never be ascertained with any accuracy, it’s only guesswork. So to make completely impossible-to-prove statements like this is unprofessional and nothing but click bait for the uninformed.

An important note to make is the fact it takes some considerable time for a population to become established. It also takes some time for a population to be dissolved or removed. So we could hazard a guess that this population was at its prominence for around a thousand years, which isn’t that much time. It’s very likely this population was already in decline when Stonehenge was built, absolutely bringing into doubt the once-again stupid headline that these people had anything to do with Stonehenge. We are constantly being warned about fake news, and yet our own media are more than happy to promote fake news.

The archaeological establishment should be outraged, not peddling the headline for attention.
The most likely explanation is that everyone living in Britain at that time was involved in the huge projects for both sites, and not any single population. Sites of such magnitude require communication of many different groups, to share ideas with the transference of knowledge and intelligence.