Bolivia’s part-underwater museum on Lake Titicaca to be opened in 2020

Posted On: Mar 2nd, 2019 at 14:48


A part-underwater museum that will show artefacts and structures from what is thought to be the Tiahuanaco civilisation will be completed by 2020.
For Bolivia, ranked the poorest country in South America, this is a magical project that will attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. I am certain that this will be ranked high on places to visit in South America in years to come, and it is a very exciting project indeed.
In 2005 I crossed the border into Bolivia from Peru. With Lake Titicaca straddling the shore, I took a day trip to Isla de la Sol and became stranded after the boat left without me! With no money or food, thankfully I met a kind Belgian couple who paid for my night’s accommodation and food and I repaid them the following day when transport arrived. When we returned to the mainland, the hotel owner said he feared for my safety so much he was going to call the authorities!
Lake Titicaca is a mesmerising body of water, located thousands of feet above sea level. It is the highest navigable lake in the world, and already attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year. This new Bolivian venture will surely increase visitor numbers and bring much needed revenue.