I know I said this two years ago but… New website coming soon!

Posted On: Jul 26th, 2019 at 21:23

Finally, two years since it was first instigated, a new website is being created to accommodate the next level of work that I’ve been quietly working on.

The current website was designed from a personal perspective and for the purposes of the first book. Now, after 7 years, it’s looking tired and simple and needs to be completely overhauled to incorporate the new articles that are being written.
Elements were added over the years – the ancient cities section was a huge undertaking – but what I intend to do next is on a much bigger scale than anything done before.
The new website will not have my name on it as we are going commercial!
There is a new idea in place that will make the website more visible to a worldwide audience, and I will be writing articles with a particular theme in mind.
Over the years I have identified a particular flaw in the world of archaeology and this is where the website’s focus will be taken, and therefore we are creating something quite “big” in that sense, rather than just a “website”.
The name of the website and its subtitle will show clearly what it is about. Included will be forums and a login page for members, and we (myself and my business partner and web developer) expect this site to not only be a commercial success, but will garner recognition in the academic world for identifying the flaw mentioned. The world of archaeology needs to change, and I’m going to change it!
It is not something that can simply be written as a peer-reviewed paper, it is something that needs to use already published material and then point out that particular flaw, over and over again, until the world of archaeology changes the way it promotes its own discoveries.
Much of the current website will be transferred to the new one. That is, the news articles and the ancient cities section, although they will only be a small section of the overall layout. Currently, only the previous twenty written articles are visible on the website, so we intend to make all of them visible. However, this is a massive job that I’m procrastinating over at the moment. There are more than 450 articles and each one would need to be lifted from the previous site, rewritten, edited, correlated against similar articles and then re-posted. This is something that would probably take years rather than months, so I’m having a rethink on how to approach that side of things. I would happily get on with it, but my priority right now is to get this book finished and published once and for all. However, the website should be up and running in a couple of months. The framework has already been completed but, again, the way it is formatted needs some serious thought if we are going to get it right.
Watch this space!