Finally, scientists thinking outside the box – Stonehenge acoustics

Posted On: Jul 12th, 2019 at 13:19


At last, someone is thinking in the ways we need to start thinking about our ancient heritage. I have known for a long time that our ancestors were using technologies we do not use today, and sound frequency is one example.
Sometime around the early 1990s I was in the Land’s End Peninsula with my then girlfriend. We made frequent camping visits to that area, taking our bicycles on a train from Bristol and cycling around with our packs, as we felt a deep connection to our ancient past. Cornwall was the only place in England that the Romans never bothered with, and that’s why it still has that feel of ancient Britain.
One day, we had visited a small stone circle in an open field. There were only three standing stones left, the rest were either lying on the ground or were missing. A couple came along and we all got talking, and at some point one of the other three moved away from the group and was standing about ten feet away. Suddenly, I realised our voices were echoing, but how was that possible in an open field? We took turns to stand in a particular position and all agreed the voices were echoing, and yet we were all baffled as to how this affect could be occurring when we were standing outside.
That evening, I had realised that this was one of the reasons the circles were built, and that there was a lot more going on with them than just nuts and bolts science and ritual.
Thankfully, around that time, some people started carrying out research into the acoustics of burial chambers, and found a common frequency. The conclusion was that sound was an important element of their construction. I also believe stone circles have this attribute. We are still completely in the dark about their use, mainly because science doesn’t allow, or rarely allows, research outside the box, and that is why we are no wiser these days than a hundred years ago. But it’s been clear to me for many years that shamanic ritual, with or without the use of mind-altering substances, and involving chanting at a certain frequency, or the repetitive banging of drums, which still occurs with tribes all over the world, would allow the partakers to enter the “spirit realm”.
Only when science starts to get its arrogant behind out of its rigid way of thinking will we start to understand our past, and thus our ancestors. Until then, we will discover nothing.