Easter Island – how DID they move those huge moai?

Posted On: Feb 15th, 2019 at 00:05

Easter Island / Chile

I still find it amusing that scholars think the moai were “walked” down the hillside into their positions.
Thankfully a lot of people are waking up to the often stupid theories that these “scholars” come up with, some of which makes one wonder if they have any intelligence at all. We beginning to realise that scientists, which we once put our faith into, give us theories and opinions that are less likely to give answers in comparison with independent researchers.
Unfortunately, independent researchers are often being removed from the Internet under the title of “fake news”, a phrase and tool designed not only to remove fake news, but also to remove those who are bringing new ideas to the table and are deemed a threat to the established order.
Not all scholars or scientists come under this banner – many of them are excellent and science is a fantastic tool – but science itself as a discipline in recent years is lacking in areas of research that we clearly need to be looking at. Science itself is a tool with limitations.
In the case of the moai, an experiment was carried out to “prove” the heads were walked, by actually doing it with people and ropes. But like similar experiments carried out to “prove” how these huge blocks were moved, they only did this on a flat surface, and neglected to cater for the two-thirds of the block that is missing, as you can see in the picture of what the moai actually look like. When I see a successful experiment like this carried out on a hill with a 30-degree slope, I’ll be seriously impressed. Until then, these scientists should stop trying to fool people with easily-ridiculed experiments. To this day, with all of our technology, we still have no idea how the ancients moved huge blocks, and so it’s not suprising that we must question our intelligence, rather than theirs.
I will most likely expand on this subject in the months to come, because there seems to be a shift occurring…
Watch this space.