Another brain dead theory – this time on the Moai of Easter Island

Posted On: Apr 23rd, 2019 at 11:12

Easter Island

I would say this theory is utter nonsense, but I have to make a bigger stress with my vocabulary and say it’s utter bollocks.
Seriously, do these people have any intelligence at all? How do they even get funding? Are they educated, or just programmed to fill our minds with anything but actual common sense?

So here’s my point – if you wanted to mark a place where there is water, would you spend years cutting, quarrying, dragging (or whatever method they used), and then placing huge blocks of stone in place, whereby no doubt many people were killed due to the dangerous working environment, or would you just hit a few stakes into the ground?

Of course, you would choose the latter option.

Just like in Nazca, where other brain dead “scholars” tell us the lines pointed to places of water due to the desert environment, we are led to believe that our ancestors were so thick and dumb it’s ridiculous. The Nazcans had more than enough water in Nazca, and if we assume they didn’t, they would have simply moved to an area where there was water, and would not have spent years in the baking sun making lines.

I am honestly sick to death of these stupid people who come up with equally stupid theories that have as much credence as man landing on Saturn. Thankfully, more and more people are realising that scientists come up with more crap than they do sense.