The mystery of ancient Britain

Posted On: Nov 16th, 2018 at 15:20

Great Britain
Many of you will know I am English and my heart is firmly implanted in this windy island, but also my posts for this great isle are few and far between. There is one reason for that – we actually know very little about our true history.
Places like Avebury – the ancient site I have visited the most as I’ve always lived relatively close by, and which I call my spiritual home – are as mysterious as the people who built them. I often find myself infuriated at the guesswork employed by so-called scholars as to what these sites were built for, and that evidence is based only on archaeological discoveries. Fair enough, one might think, but in our modern world we have almost completely removed the spiritual aspects of our being in favour of a materialistic and technological society. The further we move into that society, the farther we travel away from truth. Until we actually look at wider reasons why these sites were built, we will never know. Certainly places like Stonehenge and Avebury were undoubtedly created with another purpose in mind. Just like the great pyramids in Giza, and all over the world, we are scratching our heads since this knowledge has either been lost, or is being kept secret by small groups of people who wish that we remain in total ignorance of where we really came from. The reasons for that are simple – none of it fits with the Darwinian model of linear evolution. It is clear to me after decades of research that our ancestors knew something that we don’t. No, not something, but many things.
Britain is the perfect example. Of course, the name itself comes from the Roman invaders, who named it Britannia. Our historical records come from the very empire that invaded us and, as the article says, most of those texts are biased. Prior to Roman invasion, and later Vikings, Normans, and many others, Britain was pretty much left to evolve by itself for thousands of years. Sure, there were migrations, of that there is no doubt, but the problem is without any historical records we really have no idea about how this great country existed. The archaeological evidence alone shows how people lived, but the spiritual aspects are as elusive as the elixir of life. We simply cannot explain our history by artefacts dug from the ground, for all that tells us is practical elements of society – it does not tell us how they were thinking. Let me give you an example. The blue stones that were erected at Stonehenge came from west Wales, a logistical nightmare even by today’s standards. So there is only one conclusion that can be made – these stones had a deep, spiritual importance for the people to even bother to transport them over such a huge distance. But there also might be a technological reason for their use, and if one steps out of the mainstream academic view, itself blinded by tunnel vision, we start to see that there was something else going on with these sites that we haven’t even begun to understand. Sound technology was most probably implemented in ways we don’t fully understand, and I say that from my own research and personal experience at these sites. Earth energies may have been utilised. Hallucinogenic drugs like magic mushrooms were also most likely used on some level, but our governments, who enforce ridiculous petty rules onto us, ensure these ideas aren’t even considered by mainstream academia because they are not socially acceptable. Brushing the obvious under the carpet does not help us to understand what was occurring at these places, and thus what was going on in the minds of our ancestors. Until we unlock these codes, we won’t even begin to understand.
Recently, research was done which concluded the pyramids of Egypt could store electromagnetic energy, and when we start to think in those terms, we are not only pushing the boundaries of our own thought, but we are beginning to get a glimpse into the highly advanced technology that was available prior to the worst attack on the human psyche that has ever occurred on this planet Рreligion. When I say religion I would suggest any religion that was created around two thousand years ago and since РChristianity and Islam stick out in that context. Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world, Buddhism, and a few others, hark back to a time when religion was exactly what it is supposed to be Рdeeply spiritual, without strict rules laid down that only exist to control the minds of the population and eliminate their capacity to think for themselves. And thus we return to Britain Рthe deeply spiritual religion that once existed here is as obscure as the reasons Stonehenge was built. We find ourselves lost, our culture has no ancient identity, and until we break through the barrier that has been created by mainstream archaeology and academia, we will be scratching our heads for another two thousand years. Thankfully, those who are thinking outside the box have indeed started to scratch the surface Рearth energies, healing sanctuaries, higher vibrational frequencies, sound technologies and even higher dimensions of existence all come into play when we start to think properly. And by thinking in those terms we actually connect with our ancestors on a spiritual level.
Our modern technology may be advancing on one level, but actually when you think about it we are digressing very rapidly. We are not evolving at all. We are swiftly devolving into a materialist being and all traces of our true spiritual being are being removed from us only to be replaced with a robotic slave that exists only to line the pockets of certain individuals. Like Graham Hancock once said, one can only conclude a demonic force has taken over our beautiful planet and is intent only on total destruction of not only the earth, but the beings that live on it. We do stand at a crossroads, and unless we all start to wake up we will soon be in deep trouble. Without our spirituality – our true essence – we are heading down a very dark path indeed.